The Towers Family purchased property over 32 years ago and later moved to our small ranch to find a better environment to raise our children and enjoy all the benefits of the Texas Hill Country . The opportunities and lifestyle of the community exactly suited our desires for how we wanted to live. In that time, we raised three children, all of whom have grown up and matured into productive citizens. Katie is in management at Starbucks and has two kids, Caitlin Rae (13) and Gregory (11). Jill is a funeral director (following in her grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s footsteps) at Memorial Oaks Funeral Home and is getting married in October. Jordan completed his military service, as did his fifth great grandfather, who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto in service of the Republic of Texas. He is now working on his college education.

Joyce and I completed careers in corporate America and also participated in several small, start-up companies. Joyce retired to take care of the family and pursue independent interests, and I did an abrupt career change and was accepted in and successfully completed the regional police academy. It has worked out to be a VERY personally satisfying career change .

I retired as a full time Deputy Constable from Bexar County in 2011 and am now pursuing training and consultation in the law enforcement community. I am still a commissioned Texas Peace Officer, but spend most of my time training other peace officers or helping my department execute more complicated writs, and some firearms instruction.

I am also a federally licensed firearms manufacturer and do some gunsmithing for my friends and a few select customers. I specialize in precision rifles, and WWI & WWII battle rifles, like the M1 Garand.

And, I continue to provide Concealed Handgun training to citizens wishing to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

You can find my gunsmithing and training info on my website,

Presently, Joyce and I are collaborating on some technical writing to benefit the law enforcement community, and carrying my training endeavors to the next level: video production. We can do all this while we enjoy our small Texas Hill Country Ranch and each other.
God Bless America and God Bless The Republic of Texas!